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Welcome to TRiKC's web page. First time visitor? Here you will find basic information regarding our sport of triathlon. Please note that some of pages on the TRiKC web site are RESTRICTED to TRiKC members only, so if you would like more detailed information, we invite you to join TRiKC and become part of the multisports community.

Tri·ath·lon  (tri-ath'-lon')  An athletic contest in which participants compete without stopping in three successive events, usually long-distance swimming, bicycling, and running. The USA Triathlon is the United States governing body of multisports events. Below are some of the most common distances in our sport.

500-800 yards of swimming (pool or lake)
12-15 miles of biking
5K, or 3.1 miles of running
International (Olympic) Distance
1650 yards of swimming (lake, ocean)
25-30 miles of biking
10K, or 6.2 miles of running
Half Ironman or 70.3
1.2 miles (2,200 yards) of swimming (lake, ocean)
56 miles of biking
13.1 miles of running
2.4 miles (4,400 yards) of swimming
112 miles of biking
26.2 miles of running

TRiKC - One of the oldest and most respected triathlon clubs in the world providing services and support for all levels of multisport athletes. The clubs membership spans the spectrum of first-timers to veterans of Ironman competition and everything in between. We are a not-for-profit organization.

You can read the History of Triathlon here.

Triathlon Rules - You can read the USA Triathlon rules by clicking here.

USA Triathlon License - Many races require you to have a USA Triathlon license to participate. You can obtain your license here.

Local Triathlons - We have the most complete multisport calendar anywhere for our members. Here are some of the local triathlons you should support. 

Spring Migration Triathlon
CGSC Triathlon
HP3 Duathlon at Heritage  
Kansas City Triathlon
Topeka Tinman Triathlon
Corporate Challenge Triathlon
JCC Youth Triathlon
Shawnee Mission Triathlon
Cowboy Up Triathlon
Crossroads Triathlon
Longview Jr. Triathlon
WIN for KC Women's Triathlon
Jackson County Triathlon
Midwest Meltdown
JCPRD U Kids Triathlon
OMC Women's Triathlon

Have Fun - We love to socialize. The Ironman Party -  we invented it and now we are nationally famous for this party. But the fun does not stop here. Join us for TRiKC's Annual Barbecue and our Kick Off the Season Party, or attend one of our many social gatherings after one of our workouts. If you are not having fun, your not racing well.

We Are Friendly - Have a question? Want to communicate with other triathletes? Need advice? Want to sell or buy something? Check out our Twitter Nation or Facebook Page, or stop by the TRiKC tent at a race for refreshments. Or, join us for a Brick Session. We invite you to join the our club one that is for all levels and speeds.

Team TRiKC -  Not up to doing an entire triathlon on you own? Or just don't like to swim, bike, or run? Sign up for Team TRiKC. Our networking system will hook you up with athletes just like yourself. You chance to enjoy the sport of triathlon and excel at what you do best. 

TRi Newbie? - This is your lucky day. You have come to the right place. Our web page contains all the information you need to make your quest to become a triathlete a success. TRiKC is committed to providing all new triathletes with the tools they need to complete their first triathlon, from camaraderie, to mentoring, to coaching. We even offer free personal coaching with for newbies. We welcome you with open arms and we are proud to serve as your number one resource for all of your triathlon endeavors.

TRiKIDS - We fully support our junior triathletes. Check out our youth triathlons and our youth triathlon team.

WEB PAGE ACCESS - Paid registered members of TRiKC have full access to this web page. If you are not a registered member, we would love to give you full access to our web page as it contains some of the best triathlon information in the world. To obtain full access, simply click on the "Join the Club" tab above and register on to become a TRiKC member.  

RENEW YOUR TRiKC MEMBERSHIP - before your membership expires each year. Mmbership does have its privileges.

TRiKC CLOTHING - is available for purchase by email request or at TRiKC events. We have a great line of cool new gear, so check it out. 

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